You’re Probably Wrong ep. 3: How Advertising Really Works and What Marketers Can Do About It

January 22, 2021


Models of how advertising works have existed since the days of AIDA, with different views rising over time in the advertising industry and different individual models created by brands and agencies.

But AIDA was created over 100 years ago and many of its assumptions have been disproven. Yet it is still used, along with other disproven advertising models.

Why are old advertising models still hanging on and what replaces them? Is it too hard to create a new overall model for advertising or are there things that clients and agencies can do now to help them work through the complexities of advertising that works for them?

Neil, Thom, and Aoife apply their different experiences and expertise to the question and explain their solutions to new ways to look at how advertising works and how it helps them create better advertising.

Tune in and learn:
– Key considerations in understanding how advertising works
– The most relevant insights in contemporary advertising models
– How you can really get under the skin of how your advertising is working

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