You’re Probably Wrong ep.4: What Really Matters for Brands on Social?

January 22, 2021


Social media has become so ubiquitous that everyone has an opinion on how it works and what drives marketing effectiveness. However, not everyone can be right. We’re under the illusion that we are in control on social, that we are rationally commanding the algorithm, rather than being led by it.

The same misconception that guides this illusion of control also drives the misconception that we have to actively engage with content for it to have an impact. We must like, comment and share. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. We spend our lives in a state of low-attention and the majority of what we process is done implicitly via our subconscious radar impacting our thoughts and feelings and leaving an imprint on memory. This is no different on social as we scroll through our feeds in a state of continuous partial attention, seeking out reward or rather empty-calorie brain candy.

How then should brands guide their social activity for maximum impact? What really matters when it comes to social media marketing?

Neil, Jerry, and Aoife apply their different experiences and expertise to the question and discuss ways in which marketing science learnings are helping to bust social media myths and drive long-term effectiveness.

Tune in and learn about:
– Your brain on social media
– Why engagement isn’t everything
– Virality vs organic reach
– The key considerations for your brand’s social media strategy
– How neuro-based research techniques can help create more effective social content

Watch it on SMW+ here.

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